Table olive PDO

The table olive variety “Bella di Cerignola” is renowned for its big dimension, for its fine taste, for the beauty and consistency of its flesh.

Its uncooked use and its good keeping make this table olives a suitable element in particular for many fast and digestive recipes, cooked or uncooked seasonings, that make it a typical product of the Mediterranean diet.

Black and green varieties of this fine table olive are available on the market.

In September 2000 the variety of olives “Bella di Cerignola” aimed the prestigious European certification PDO (Protected Designation of Origin).

The Protection Consortium of the “Oliva da Mensa D.O.P. La Bella della Daunia – cultivar Bella di Cerignola” was founded in October 2002, in order to give prominence, to defend and to promote this fine variety of table olive.

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