Bread PDO

The bread from Altamura PDO, with its characteristic aroma and a weight not less than 0,5 kg, shows two traditional forms: the first type, known as “u skuanète” (folded loaf), is a tall loaf formed by folding the dough from either side into the centre and is baked without the edges of the loaves coming into contact with each other; the second type, known locally as “u cappidde de prèvete” (priest’s hat), is lower and the edges of the loaves do not touch each other. 

It was the first bread in Europe which has gained the P.D.O. certificate in its category“.

The Protection Consortium of the “Pane di Altamura a DOP”, that today gathers more than twenty producers, was constituted in 1979 on the initiative of the current president Giuseppe Barile.

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