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PRODUCTION AREA The “Bella di Cerignola” olive is diffused mainly in the Cerignola municipality and in lesser amounts in the Ortanova, San Ferdinando di Puglia, Stornara, Stornarella and Trinitapoli municipalities, all part of the large area denominated “Tavoliere di Puglia”, the ancient Daunia. The average altitude of the area is approximately 100 – 150 meters above sea level, with 7 – 8 % slope. THE PRODUCT Cerignola olives have an elongated ellipsoid shape, are known for their large size, beauty, full body and consistency of pulp, resistance to handling and conservation; they are mainly destined for use as green olives, but in recent times the black variety has also become increasingly popular due to strong consumer demand. The olives must be harvested directly from the tree, under which large tarps are arranged to prevent the fruit from contact with the ground. Thanks to current conservation methods using modern technologies, it is possible to protect the traditional organoleptic characteristics of the olives while simultaneously guaranteeing elevated hygiene and health standards. Today the P.D.O. “La Bella della Daunia” variety known as Bella di Cerignola fully represents a typical product of the Mediterranean diet. The olives have a full-bodied, hearty flavor and are also appreciated when eaten alone, without being accompanied by wine or food. This olive is also special from a medical standpoint, thanks to the presence of mono-saturated fatty acids, which are considered to have an important role in prevention of arterial disease.