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The Consortium for the protection of PDO table olives La Bella della Daunia - Bella di Cerignola cultivar, was established on 3 October 2002 pursuant to art. 2602 of the Civil Code and law no. 526 of 21 December 1999 and subsequent amendments and additions and the related implementing decrees.

The Consortium obtained recognition from the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry with the Decree of 09.06.2004.

On 05.12.2016, the Ministry approved the new Articles of Association of the Consortium, with which its name was changed to "Consortium for the protection of PDO table olive La Bella della Daunia - Bella di Cerignola variety" called "Consorzio La Bella della Daunia Daunia PDO "

The purposes envisaged by the statute are the protection and promotion of the Bella di Cerignola variety table olive and its protected designation of origin La Bella della Daunia, in Italy and abroad.

The Consortium has supervisory and control, marketing and support activities for scientific research. It therefore protects and enhances the typicality and peculiar characteristics of the product and guarantees and constantly improves its quality to protect the consumer.

The Consortium carries out its controls through a surveillance agent who operates throughout the national territory, taking samples and sending them to the laboratories authorized by the Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies.

The supervisory agent reports to the competent authorities any infringements and / or abuses found in the performance of his duties.



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